Study Survival List

Study Survival List

This blog post has a list of items I find useful for studying!

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It’s always amazing to learn why people choose the path of medicine. Here you can find the reasons many medical students including myself have made the choice to change lives. Also if you see a blog you like be sure to follow!

Life of a Medic

Why Medicine?

One of the truths about choosing do study Medicine is that, from the moment you decide to go down that road, you are bombarded with the same question. Why Medicine? You’d think that once you get into the medical school, you’ll never be asked that question ever again, but you are, and many times over and over. And this is such a long question to answer, because I know my reasons required 4,000 characters in my personal statement. So, that gave me the idea, is it possible for it to be answered in just 10 words or less?

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