Study Survival List

I know you guys have probably come across so many list of study tools and aids! I have even posted a list of study resources I found helpful while in school (Useful Study Sites in Medical School).

However I seem not to get to much done no matter what study resource I happen to be using or my location if I don’t have my study survival aids. So I’m going to share the items I keep handy while studying below:

  • First Aid for Step 1 – she goes everywhere with me
  • Pens and highlighters – how else can i annotate First Aid and other resources
  • iPad and computer – most of my class notes are found here and also my video resources
  • Chargers – I cant study if the devices are dead 😉
  • Post It Notes – I love them, great for random notes or ideas!!!!
  • Planner – It keeps me on track of what is up coming (Med School can be overwhelming)
  • Toiletry bag – because I usually study away from home so I keep the small essential
    • Lotion
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Chapstick
  • Headphones – again I normally study in the library so I try to avoid hearing the small convos that go on around me, also I like listening to music while I study
  • Snacks and water
  • Stuff to keep me warm – because the library is always cold!!!
    • Study socks
    • Blanket
    • Hoodie

These are the items I normally keep near me while studying, what do you guys always make sure to have when studying? Let me know in the comments below, until next time!

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