Useful Study Sites in Medical School

My first semester of medical felt so overwhelming, there were so many different resources available and everyone had so many different opinions. It took me a little bit to figure out what worked for me and what didn’t. I thought that i would make a list of study resources that are online and used my the majority of medical students to supplement their knowledge.

  1. USMLE – RX
    1. This pairs with your first aid book (they allow you to select the year you have)
    1. Offer flash cards, videos, questions and links back to the pages in your first aid
    1. Question bank that can be used to prep for shelf exams and Step 1
  3. Sketchy Medical
    1. If you are a visual learner (like me) then you’ll love this resource
    1. Videos on multiple subjects like micro, Pharm, and path!!!
  4. Kaplan
    1. Videos for all subjects
    1. Qbank
  5. Pathoma
    1. Pathology videos with high yield topics
  6. Physeo
    1. Have videos and questions and are currently expanding to include multiple topics and image learning
  7. Doctors in Training (DIT)
    1. Review series that helps in reviewing high yield topics
    1. They offer a workbook that can be completed while watching the videos to help with retention of the information
  8. Boards and Beyond
    1. Review series
    1. Videos are designed more like PowerPoint
  9. Webpath
    1. Pathology images for review
    1. Pathology questions great for classes and shelf exams!
  10. Khan Academy
    1. Videos
    1. Multiple topics from medical school
    1. I found the cardio section to be especially helpful
  11. Dr. Nageeb YouTube channel
    1. I love these videos he explains things so well
    1. Please note – these videos can be lengthy I try to use them when I don’t understand something!!!

Remember that everything doesn’t work for everyone so find what works for you and stick with that! Comment below and let me know if any of these resources worked for you or if you have others you think I should try. Until next time!

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