30 Things I’m Thankful for!

As we are in the season of Thanksgiving I want to take the time to recognize the things that I am thankful for. Some are super obvious and some not so much but as I list each of these and reflect on the moments that led me to them I am truly thankful. Each of these moments or memories have shaped me into the women that I am today and will continue to propel me on my journey to Becoming Dr. D! So here goes

1.       God’s grace and mercy

2.       My amazing Mommy!!!!

3.       My super supportive sister and beautiful niece

4.       My hilarious family

5.       Great friends who understand that Medical School doesn’t always leave me available but they still support me!

6.       My extended support system – study buddies, med school friends, etc.

7.       Medical school and all the things that come with it

8.       Personal Growth and the ability to realize I’m not yet where I want to be but I definitely am a long way from where I started

9.       Influencers – those who know me and those who don’t

10.   All of the small things I take for granted

11.   Life’s little moments

12.   Small acts of kindness – especially from strangers

13.   All of the good times I’ve had over the years

14.   The lessons I learned from those not so good moments

15.   Memories with loved one’s that are no longer here

16.   Perseverance

17.   Self-reflection

18.   Motivation (in all of its forms)

19.   My health

20.   Thanksgiving Dinner and all other times I’m not responsible for feeding myself

21.   Hair growth – the struggle was real for a bit after that big chop 😊

22.   Service men and women

23.   Persons with blue-collar jobs that allow me to continue to live a comfortable lifestyle

24.   Emergency responders

25.   Black owned businesses #representationmatters

26.   TSA  Pre-check – your girl moves through the airport now!!!

27.   First Aid for USMLE Step 1 – literally the bible of Medical School

28.   Pathoma

29.   Sketchy Medical

30.   All of my study resources – lookout for new blog post on this soon!!

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