3rd Semester Recap

Hello Everyone!! Sorry its been a while but this has been a truly difficult and jam packed semester, but as usual were on break and I am writing my semester recap! So this semester I took a few courses that were full of information. Here I will be putting course details, resources I found helpful, and my end of the semester wisdom. So here it goes:

Neuroscience, Mind, and Behavior

o   This course was structured in learning about neurology and also psychology. While learning different parts of the brain we learned how that played into psychology and diseases.

o   Resources

  • BRS Psychology
    • This book gave a great synopsis of high yield topics and questions to practice
  • Doctors in Training videos
    • This was an excellent resource with videos that had synopsis of high yield topics for both Neuro and Psych.
  • First Aid
    • It’s the holy grail of Medical School what else is there to say!!!

Systems and Disease I

o   This was an introduction to pharmacology, pathology, and physiology specifically related to Neurology and Psychology this semester.

o   Resources

  • Sketchy Pharm
    • Once again one of my favorite resources for medical school as I am a visual learner.
  • Pathoma
    • This resource has videos and a book that detail high-yield topics in pathology. I would watch this before lecture to have a basic understanding of what was being taught
  • First Aid
    • Again Holy Grail here!!!


o   This is the study and analysis of disease and its distribution. At my school this course is only for 6 weeks. During this course we do a group project, and we have a few exams.

o   Resources

  • First Aid


o   This was a 4 week course that focused on medical ethics and laws. There were not many resources needed for this course.

Clinical Skills

o   This is the course where we learn how to perform physical exams on patients and conduct patient interviews. This semester we focused on learning exam techniques that looked at health of the brain and also learned how to conduct a psych interview. We also began learning how to write SOAP notes on our patients following the interview.

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