2nd Semester Recap


Hey everyone and welcome back so once again I am recapping another successfully completed semester. This synopsis includes what courses I took in my program and resources that I found useful for each class. I also throw in a few lightbulb moments that I had both during the semester and after it.

So semester 2!!! This semester was 15 weeks with no separate blocks and a lot of tough courses.

  • IDR (Infection, Disease, and Response)
    • This course is a microbiology based course where you learn the genetics of different microorganisms, how they infect, and what disease types they cause. We also learned how to differentiate what was causing the disease when multiple microorganisms could be the cause
    • Resources: Sketchy Micro
    • Metabolism and Nutrition
      • This course is essentially biochemistry. It was honestly my struggle course as I did not take Biochem in undergrad, so I had to put in A LOT of extra work in this class.
      • Resources: BRS Biochemistry and Kaplan Biochemistry Review
        • These were great for questions and simplifying topics that may be dense or hard to understand
      • Genetics
        • This course went hand in hand with Biochemistry and some of the material even overlapped. At the end of the semester we take a SHELF exam created by NBME to determine how much we have learned in certain courses and the Genetics shelf is combined with the biochemistry shelf.
        • Resources: the resources listed above for Biochemistry are combined with genetics materials
      • Clinical Skills 2
        • During this semester of clinical skills we learned the basics of a system overview and added to our patient intake list.
      • Evidence Based Medicine
        • This course was designed to help us refine our research tools both for presentations that have to be completed in class and also for the RLRA paper that we have to complete before we begin clinical rotations

Things I learned this semester:

  • Feeling behind is normal but don’t let it overwhelm you
  • Don’t feel bad for needing a break, sometimes you need to reset so you can keep your head in the game!


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