Choosing a Caribben School

The first question I get whenever I say to someone that I attend a Caribbean Medical School is “Is that a real school?”. Yes it is!!! But I can’t be mad at those people, I had the same skepticism before I did my research as well. What brought me here… well there were a few things. So for starters, there are a few schools here in the Caribbean that are accredited in the USA and allow students from the US and Canada to use financial aid to attend them. Even with this knowledge I still wasnt completely sold on coming here straight away. I spoke with a physician, currently practicing in the US, that came from one of the schools about their experiences. I also looked into USMLE pass rates, residency acceptance in my desired field, and attended a few open houses. After doing this and realizing that medical school in the caribbean was a viable option I applied to a couple of medical schools here in the caribbean that, to me, had a higher presence of US students succeeding. Those schools were American University of the Caribbean, Saba University School of Medicine (my current school), and Ross University. I loved all of the schools but Saba ended up being my final choice! The island is only 5 miles big with just enough things to do that you’re not bored, but not enough things to do that you lose sight of why youre here. The open campus and friendly students and local residents (whom we loving refer to as locals) make it a nice location to learn and live. Since I completed a study abroad while in undergrad I was prepared for the transition of living in a foreign country away from my family and friends. Needless to say I found the school that was right for me and I’m hoping if youre looking into any medical school you find whats right for you too!

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